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DevDeskQ solves problems for every type of user.

Whether you're a student, a staff member, or an administrator, DevDeskQ provides functionality that will make your life easier.

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Creating and tracking your issue tickets has never been easier.

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Creating an account gives you access to your own student dashboard, where you can view and manage your submitted issues.

Create and edit tickets

DevDeskQ allows you to create, edit, delete your issue tickets.


Spend your time answering questions, not managing your queue.

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View and modify student tickets

Staff members can view, create, edit, and delete any student ticket.

Claim, resolve, or return assigned tickets.

See a clear view of tickets that have been assigned to you. Resolve student tickets and remove them from the queue, or return challenging tickets to the queue.

Add comments to tickets

Staff can now directly add comments to a students ticket to provide an answer or ask for more clarity.


Experience complete control over your user base.

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View, create, edit, or delete users

Administrators can now view, create, edit, and delete admin, staff, and student user types.

Control the queue

Administrators have full power to assign tickets to staff, providing a layer of control and structure.

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